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You must Read and Agree to the following Non-disclosure Agreement in order to work at LIW.

© 2010-2018 Lotus Interworks Inc. (“LIW”) Proprietary and Trade Secret. Do not copy distribute or otherwise use without explicit written permission from B. Gopinath President. Do not communicate or share the information contained herein with anyone else except employees of LIW on a need to know basis. LIW values its intellectual properties and expects all those who work with LIW to protect all work, including ideas, designs, processes, software and documents shared or created in any engagement with LIW as proprietary to LIW. This document may make references to open sourced software being considered or used by LIW. Extensions, including modifications to such open source software are deemed proprietary and trade secret to LIW until and unless LIW formally and with explicit written consent contributes specific modified open source code back to open source. In any event, including cases where modified open sourced components are placed in open source, the selection, interconnection, configuration, processes, designs, implementation of all technology, including opens source software, that is being developed or is part of LIW deployed systems are proprietary and trade secret to LIW and such information shall not be shared with anyone else except employees of LIW on a need to know basis.